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"और नब्ज़ डूब गई"

Umme Fatima

हाल ही में पब्लिश हुई किताब बहरे बे करां जोकि अफ़सानों यानी कहानियों का संग्रह है जिसका...

Aniqua Nargis:A Role Model for young generation

Umme Fatima

An embodiment of empowerment to woman even in hijab, Aniqua Nargis is a young model for...

Salman Khan in Shram Vihar?

Suraiya Abu

Fourteen-year old Rubeena 'lives' in Shram Vihar slum, washes dishes, sweeps, prepares,...

'MeToo' अभियान जिसे मीडिया की वजह मिली खूब सुर्खियां

शकील सिद्दीकी

"MeToo" अभियान ने जिस तरह तेजी पकड़ी उससे समाज ने अपराध के खिलाफ आवाज़ उठाने का नया हौंसला...

Captured Moments

Pictures from our events speak of the areas of our work and involvement in fulfilling out social commitment.


Sponsor an orphan / abandoned girl child

Orphans and isolated girls in the society seek your help and guardianship. You can support them by providing food, clothing, shelter, medicine and...

Help her pursue higher education and fetch a rewarding career

Educational backwardness of parents, financial backwardness of family and negative attitude of society stops even brilliant girls from pursuing...

Fulfill her dreams to have basic education

Many girls are forced to opt out of schooling due to poverty or social exclusion. Most of them are daughters of widows, divorcees or missing...

Be the protectors of the dignity of our daughters

Rape and domestic violence are inevitable in news paper dailies. Newly wedded beaten up by their husbands and in-laws, girls pushed to flesh trade...


What we do

We are an NGO focusing on women empowerment. We involve in projects that are aim at helping women to come to the leadership, providing medical and legal aids etc. We also conduct and fund researches in the regard.

Research & Advocacy

Being half of human race, women have a constructive role to play in the policy making so as to create a society where women are treated...

Legal Aid

Justice, equity and safety of children and women are of more important to protect their dignity and promote peace and harmony. In order...

Medical Relief

We are organizing medical camp, health awareness campaign and medical relief. We also help patients through financial assistance,...

Girls Leadership Program

This program is aims to identify and promote emerging women leaders. Potential girls are selected and given training for personality...

Associate with us

Sparing some time to volunteer with Women's Manifesto will help us continue to make a difference in the lives of women around us and empower them and help you to gain valuable experience in social work.

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