Aisha-A Faithful Companion
Aisha-A Faithful Companion
Bushra Ali Khan
Mass Communication, Aligarh Muslim University


Tears were silently rolling down her cheeks. And simultaneously, a thunder echoed in the heart of Aisha, who was industriously making embroidery on a dupatta, unaware whether it was the gems that she was pasting on the dupatta, or were they her tears. She receives a amount of meagre 100 rupees for one dupatta. It may seem very less, but for Aisha it was everything after her husband died in the unfortunate riots of North-East Delhi. It was as if the dupattas covered her whole family.

Supporting a family of 14 members, Anisa is fighting against the pandemic, with a will to live for her family and to fulfil the dream of her late husband. Her husband, Mohd Yasir, wanted to marry off her only daughter next year, but due to his sudden demise in the riots, Aisha took upon herself to work hard and make money for her daughter’s wedding. But this seemed like a distant dream, as she has to support a big family with so many mouths to feed but none to aid her in this venture.

Living in the narrow lanes of Mustafabad in Delhi in a small and compact building, Aisha desperately wants to give up the struggles and the heartbreak that the life has given her. Silently crying her heart out while sewing the dupatta, she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around and finds her son smiling down at her. Before Aisha would understand, her son sat next to her and told her about the prospect marriage proposal for his sister. Realising that her husbands dream may soon come true, that day she finished double the number of dupattas than the usual.

(*Name changed*)