Labiba Zafar
Student at New Delhi Institute of Management

KID-“dad! What happens next?”

DAD_” dear,now your mother’s soul would be gone to a divine place somewhere where it finds eternal peace.”

KID-“what’s a soul, dad”?

DAD-“a human body is useless without its soul, it’s like the” battery to your doll.”

Is it just the soul which makes us human? Or the feelings like care, empathy, love, respect towards others, even to those who are not our family, friends, relative.

Literally speaking the Webster Dictionary define soul as “the ability of a person to feel kindness and sympathy for others, to appreciate beauty and art, etc.”

In an era when people hardly have time for their own selves, their families, can we accept people to have time and sensitivity and feeling of empathy towards others, is it justified?

But let’slook at the other side of the coin when we are in trouble, when hardship strike us why do we want others to understand our side of the situation and be understanding? be empathetic?
have we become so insensitive that until a problem strikes us we won’t be bothered enough to care about it? The world is in a mayhem -environmental issues, water crises, pollution, and what not!!! But do we care to be empathic and sensitive enough to care and come together to resolve those.


A young Swedish girl “Greta Thunberg” is all set to hold war against all for environment. But isn’t it too late to always wait for calamity to happen an angel to come and save us.

”MALALA “a young girl who risked her life to fight for a cause that is the most basic human right.

The richer strata of the society the one which can spend huge sum of money to buy all the luxuries of life have become ignorant towards their responsibilities as a citizen as a human being. In one part of the country young girls and women travel miles to fetch fresh drinking water for their basic needs on the other side our Indian Cricketers are washing their cars with drinking water.

Being empathetic wouldn’t cost much if we can be sensitive enough to put ourselves in other shoes, just imagine what if we are in that place tomorrow?

We at women’s manifesto strive hard to be a helping hand for people who need us and continue to do so.

’There is no key to open the heart of other except empathy”