The Indian Beauty Standards
The Indian Beauty Standards
Labiba Zafar
Student of New Delhi Institute of Management

Get 2 tones fair skin only after one week of treatment .
Pollution and dirt sucking technology in cream ??!!!
Shea butter,jajoba oil, tea tree oil , lemon extract!!! I bet you don’t enjoy eating any of these,but have used /applied these on your skin get the perfect white toned skin.
To look like your favorite Tv/Film actress ? to get a suitable match for marriage ? 
We have been conditioned into thinking from our childhood by our parents ,society etc  that fair skin, slim waistline are all the benchmarks of beauty ,anywhere below them you are not beautiful, and this treatment is not gender biased if you are a boy you will choose a fair skinned girl over the darker one , as your life partner, because you have been taught to think like that.
The Gen Z ,which is the generation of Instagram influencers , snapchats etc is all being exposed to people going out of their way to get the perfect skin ,body ,hair .YouTube is filled with “Home remedies “ for everything , growing hair , glowing skin, even growing thick eye lashes!!!!
Why do you think the cosmetics market in India is a net worth of US $6000 ,in 2020
Because people from all strata’s of the society , rich ,poor, middle class ,illiterate ,literate  young ,old all are the target group of such money making companies which is the root cause of  growing insecurities among the youth ,they end up  developing the feeling of lower self confidence due to their  looks and will try anything to look a certain a way ,which will earn them societal approval.
If you think these brands just target Girls and women , think again , because they target men too ,even men should focus on their looks and fair skin tones .!!!
The company will use all tactics in hands ranging from Ayurveda ,to science ,to  using Big Cinema Celebrities and Cricketers for their endorsement and generate more revenue ,does seem to work because in India we follow celebrities like Gods !!! 
Using a  sad faced dark skinned girl in the advertisement ,who will magically turn into a fair skinned fairy with the use of some cosmetic and she will happy and successful too .
Slow claps
I don’t need a degree for success , nor I need skills ,all I need is a fairness cream 
If fairness creams could cure sadness and depression it would be prescribed by Physiatrist, your skin color will define your happiness ? 

Having the desire to look good or bring changes in your personality  is not an offence ,its normal which everyone feels ,but upto a certain extent , when you are doing it for yourself , if you do it for others , to make yourself likeable in the eyes of someone, to compare yourself and be better than someone on FB friend list ,  then its an obsession which should be stopped, because it can be a cause of feelings like Depression , jealousy, hatred etc which cab even lead to hideous crimes like suicides .
Leave Society ,some Jobs also want you to have a fair skin ,like Air hostess ,
What does my skin tone have to do with my work ? 

Why cant we as a society teach our kids to set new norms of beauty , like empathy , success , smartness, education ,kindness if you have such qualities you are the most beautiful human being ,because only physical beauty fades with time ,not the one in your heart and character.
Girls!!! If someone judges you on your skin color he has a pathetic mind set and you don’t want to spend your  life with a sick mentality, its better to focus more on the inner beauty your health and your carrier , which can earn you respect ,irrespective of your skin color.
And boys ! beauty always fades .
And society! Respect the creator and its creation in which ever form ,shape size ,color it is !!!!