By Iman Shakeel
Engineering graduate

She is the adorable princess of the family who fills the castle with her magical smiles and giggles. She is pampered, loved and is free to open her fragile wings and discover the world beyond her thought. She is a bundle of joy and innocence - the warmth of her parent's eye.

Yes, she is a girl of today, the queen of tomorrow. But as she grows up, she realises that the world is full of all the atrocious things and selfish beings who are ready to snatch away her dreams and tangle her in her fairy-tale world. No one really understands her dreams and aspirations. She realises this verity, picks up her broken pieces of illusion, fixes them and decides to move forward.

This was not the only enough checkpoint. She gradually realises that the family she cherished and was proud of is a sect of the society!

Every movement she makes is observed, noted and then interpreted in various colours by the society. She now no longer has any say in her major decisions, as all her decisions are now decided by what the society wants to see her like. SHE GULPS THIS GRUESOME REALITY too!

She spends the rest of her life enduring the pain of being judged on petty issues, being looked down upon, being scanned by the green-eyed monsters...ending up playing the many roles she never wanted to.


Yet she grows, learning from the obstacles she faced at every step and then grooms into a QUEEN! (a woman)


She now tearfully looks back and watches her entire life in a flashback with smiles, streams of tears and ripples of pain. By now she has well contemplated the rules of the game called life, she knows that life would pose many more puzzles in front of her, but she should remain firm and solve each puzzle with increased valour.


After all, she is a WOMAN, the strongest, the most beautiful and the blessed creation of the ALMIGHTY!