"और नब्ज़ डूब गई"

Umme Fatima

हाल ही में पब्लिश हुई किताब बहरे बे करां जोकि अफ़सानों यानी कहानियों का...

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Aniqua Nargis:A Role Model for young generation

Umme Fatima

An embodiment of empowerment to woman even in hijab, Aniqua Nargis is a...

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Salman Khan in Shram Vihar?

Suraiya Abu

Fourteen-year old Rubeena 'lives' in Shram Vihar slum, washes dishes, sweeps...

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'MeToo' अभियान जिसे मीडिया की वजह मिली खूब सुर्खियां

शकील सिद्दीकी

"MeToo" अभियान ने जिस तरह तेजी पकड़ी उससे समाज ने अपराध के खिलाफ आवाज़ उठाने...

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This smart village empowers differently-abled to stand on their own

By Archana Sharma

 In a small village near this famous lake city in Rajasthan, thousands of...

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बिहार: कुपोषण से लड़ती आधी आबादी

Fahmina Hussain, Patna

बिहार : पिछले लगभग आठ वर्षों के शासनकाल में विकास दर में...

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कनीज़ फातिमा: दलित-मुस्लिम महिलाओं के हक के लिए लड़ती

Fahmina Hussain

हमारे समाज में आज भी जब औरतें आजीविका के लिए घर से बाहर कदम रखती हैं तो...

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Women groups demand passage of Women's Reservation Bill

Fahmina Hussain

New Delhi : The National Alliance for Women's Reservation...

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Coerced Consent: Certain Uncanny Domesticities

Ms. Devi Vandana. G

Jane Austen, the noted 19th century writer, in one of her novels -...

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Break the Silence

Nihla Asharaf

'Break the Silence' Nihla...

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The First Woman Who Filed a Case under the PCPNDT Act

Nadia Abdul Rasheed

The First Woman Who Filed a Case under the PCPNDT Act Nadia Abdul Rasheed B...

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Nakusa: ‘Unwanted’

Shabeena Kamaruddin

Nakusa: ‘Unwanted’ Shabeena Kamaruddin Research Scholar, JMI...

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Sulthana Nasrin

Wounded Sulthana Nasrin First year BA English Hons, St.Stephens College, New...

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To Speak on

simi Salim

To speak on „Gendered‟ Islamophobia and how I (We) chose „not to‟


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Indian Women Challenges and Discourse

Sharnas Muthu

We know India is one of the largest democratic countries in the...

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On deducting He from s(He)

Simi Salim

Feminine identity is not a monolithic notion and infact paves way for pluralistic/wild ‘identities’-those feminine state of being that could be...

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Do listen to them, to both of them

Suhara Hassan

Ever heard any of your friends talking about your mothers and their lives?...

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Importance of Adolescent Counselling

Sayema Zafar

Adolescence is the age when a person witnesses various changes both inside...

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There is light at the end of the tunnel

Swaliha C A

The idea of ‘the Women’s Manifesto’ was conceived by a handful of young...

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