Awareness programme on ‘Nutrition, Menstrual hygiene and Safe Motherhood’ Organised by Women’s Manifesto

New Delhi: Women’s Manifesto organised Awareness programme in collaboration with Human Welfare Foundation at Shram Vihar for adolescent girls and women on 6th December 2018 in which 30 women and girls participated. The resource persons were Ms. Shifali and Ms. Reshma from Parivar Sewa Sanstha. The programme started with the introduction of Women’s Manifesto.


Then the resource person’s introduced themselves and their organisation. The session was on ‘Nutrition, Menstrual hygiene and Safe Motherhood’. She starts with the discussion with the ladies about their diet, problems which they are facing in their menstrual periods and during the time of pregnancy, they went ahead to the reproductive health, diseases, its consequences and impact on our lives .


The discussion went on to the main area which was reproductive health, they told about the things coming under the umbrella of reproductive health i.e. Safe motherhood; Contraception; Safe abortion . Menstrual cycle process was then discussed which is thought to be general taboo to the society especially to the uneducated and poor. How to interact with the girls and women who are in their menophase to ask their reproductive issues and   to provide or guide them for medical and counselling aids was taught.


Then she proceeds to menstrual hygiene and the methods for spreading awareness at community level were also discussed. Convincing the women and girls who are in their menophase (REPRODUCTIVE PHASE) to maintain hygiene during their menses, promoting the usage of sanitary napkins or affordable alternatives for their hygiene were discussed. They also introduced their clinics where these ladies can come if they have any problem and even come for delivery and abortions too, that will provides in a low price as compared to other clinics and hospitals in the Delhi.  

The programme ended with discussing the queries of the volunteers or women who attended the programme.