The first Indian woman to get the honour of Michelin star

New Delhi: Chef Garima Arora, who heads the Bangkok based Gaa restaurant, has been awarded the prestigious Michelin star. It is being claimed that she is the first Indian woman to get the honour.

Hailing from Mumbai, Garima launched Gaa in 2017 in Bangkok and being an Indian, she tried to bring Indian-Thai cross culture through the restaurant's menu. Garima, who is an alumni of Le Cordon Bleu Paris' popular culinary school has worked with many renowned international chefs like Gordan Ramsay and Rene Redzepi.

But before stepping into the world of culinary and cuisines, the 30-year-old chef also tried her hand at journalism and She studied Mass Media from Mumbai's Jai Hind college but it was food which always attracted Garima.

Accourding to IANS input she said, "I did journalism but it was not something which I was made for... after few years of my work in journalism, I realised I have interest for food and went to Paris for the culinary course."

She also gave a piece of advice to young women who aspire to choose this profession, she has plans to open her restaurant in India, she said not anytime soon. But she wants to see Indian restaurants expand their culture and heritage all over the world.