Guidance and Counselling Program Organised by Women’s Manifesto Sponsored by Human Welfare Foundation

New Delhi: Women’s Manifesto in collaboration with Human Welfare Foundation organised guidance and counselling program for boys at lane 9, Okhla Vihar, on Saturday, 8th December 2018. This area is a slum where people from Up, Bihar are there, most of the ladies are working as a domestic workers and gents are labourers and riksha pullers, girls and boys are studying at Noor Nagar Govt school and Jasola Govt. School. This is the second guidance and counselling session, one is done in the month of November with girls and this program is for the boys of class 8th to 10th.

The program started with the interaction with the participants along with the introduction of the organisation and resource person. 5 boys participated in the program, they shared their aims, likes and dislikes.

Initially we started with the introduction and carried forward to their problems that they actually face during the time of study or else they have in opting out for career plans. The programme mainly focussed on goal setting, career planning and stress management techniques. At last we distributed path finder and took feedback.

Two boys took individual counselling and they requested to take another session on memorizing techniques, because they forget what they have learnt for the exams. So, they wants session ‘how to prepare for board exams’.