Report of inauguration of Skill Development Centre

Sharam Vihar , Near Shaheen Bagh, Delhi is a colony where 400 migrated families are living in very pathetic condition. Male members of these families are daily labours and garbage pickers. Most of the ladies have never gone to school and are illiterate. 

They are working as household servants and garbage pickers. Their kids are at home whole the day to look after their younger siblings because their father and mother are working. Both the Human Welfare Foundation and Women’s Manifest have been conducting various relief distribution, awareness and counselling services in this area during last a few years. 

From the field experience we identified some talented children and potential ladies who want to develop and bring changes to their life. In this context the Skill Development Centre is started to provide various training program for women.

This comprehensive program not only help them to develop their skill but also increase their self-esteem. Dr. Habeeb Rahman Jamia Millia Islami, Tanveer, felicitated the initiative. Neha delivered welcome address and Shabeena expressed vote of thanks. Umme Fatima and Aisha coordinated the program.

In addition to the skill development training centre will provide literacy training to ladies and free education to their children in through the Community Learning Centre. Social, legal, health awareness and self-defence training will also be conducted for the ladies of the area. 

To begin with, Stitching and Tailoring Centre was inaugurated on 31st August 2018 by Inspector Tripti Joshi , Crime Against Women Cell. Sanjay Ingole, Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia was the chief guest. Swaliha CA, President Women’s Manifesto presided over the inaugural function, Noufal P K , CEO Human Welfare Foundation explained the program.