Women Leadership Program

Women’s Manifesto in collaboration with Human Welfare Foundation organised Women Leadership Program from 9-16 February 2019. This program is designed to develop leadership quality, enhance knowledge, and learn real-time techniques of problem solving. Fifteen women leaders took participation in this program and got training during these days. Mr. Naufal PK, CEO of Human Welfare Foundation welcome the guest and participants and Dr. Sharnas Muthu gave introduction of the women leadership program. Ms Ira Singhal, IAS inaugurated the program on 9th February 2019. She inspired and shared her experience from women to a great leader. She also motivated the participants to explore and enhance leadership quality among themselves because women are born leader. She also talks how we are surrounded with the patriarchal mindset. T Arif Ali, General Secretary, Human Welfare Foundation gave presidential remarks.    

In the second half Dr. Neelam Sukhramani, Associate professor, Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia talks on the step of community mobilisation. She said ‘every human being is unique in themselves and motivation should come from within. And she also tells the best ways to interact and understands the community. Dr Habeebul Rehiman, Assistant professor, Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia speaks on community need assessment. He discussed different ways through which we can collect data’s.

On second day, 10, February 2019, Dr. Haleema Sadia Rizvi, Professor, Department of Economics, Jamia Millia Islamia shared her experience and talks on Human Empowerment rather than women empowerment. She also talked about the importance of entrepreneurship and how women should be part of it. In the second half of the program Adila Matra, Journalist, The Quint, talks on media interventions for women empowerment. She discussed ‘me to’ campaign, ‘social media participation like facebook and twitter’; she also talks about the Muslim women participation in media, and how the participants of women leadership program can work on social media.

Third day, 11, February 2019, the participants visited the slum area at Sharmvihar. They interacted with the people who are migrants of West Bengal, Assam, UP and Bihar and Rohingyas Refugees were also there. They discussed about their issues and problems of the community and did case study. In the second half, the participants visited Delhi Minority Commission and interacted with the Chairman Dr. Zafarul Islam and Adv. Anastasi Gill, member of the commission. They shared how commission is working for the minorities, shared their data’s and also acknowledge them about the loans and scholarships are available for the minorities.

Forth day, 12th February 2019, Dr Naseema PK, assistant professor, Department of Law, Delhi University, talks about ‘who is an ideal women change maker’, and she also talks how we can create harmony in our surrounding on a personal level. To be good leader firstly we should be a good human being.

Fifth day, 13th February 2019, Dr. Ali Azam, consultant, Bridge to Livelihood Program Development Alternatives, talks on livelihood promotion in community level. In the second half the team of women leadership program visited to Delhi Commission for Women, they all interacted with the chairperson, Mrs, Swati Maliwal. She introduced the commission and how it work, she shared her experience as a chairperson of the commission as well as a leader. She also acknowledges the participants how a person can approach to the commission in case of exploitation and which types of cases they are taking.

Sixth day, 14th February 2019 was a field trip at Khwazikala Village, Punhana Block, Mewat, Haryana. It is most backward village of Mewat district of the country as per the NITI Aayog’s report.  The participants interacted the villagers, observed and discussed the problems related to education, livelihood, health, gender equality, water and sanitation hygiene.

Seventh day, 15th February 2019, the participants compiled the work of Mewat visit and prepared report to release it in valedictory session. 

 Eight day, 16th February 2019, in Valedictory Program, Dr. Sushma Jaireth, Professor, former faculty, Department of Gender Studies, was the chief guest and Rahmanthun Nissa, member of 'People's Foundation Organisation', Kerala was also there to encourage and address the participants.