Women From Minority Communities upwards in higher Education

New Delhi: According to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) report 2017-18, the enrolment of women from minority communities in higher education has increased in many states. There has been a rise in the enrollment in New Delhi, Haryana,Odisha, Chandigarh and Nagaland being the exceptions.

The data was released by HRD Minister, Prakash Javadekar at the conference of vice-chancellors.

The numbers seem promising, as around 8, 98,121 Muslim women were enrolled in higher education during 2017-2018, as compared to 8, 22,830 women during 2016-17.

According to Syed Zafar Mahmood of Zakat Foundation of India, the numbers are encouraging. “Muslims face adverse situations, especially in times of propaganda and prejudice. These conditions also drive a community to move towards education. It is important to have a community internally strong to counter all biases against it,” he said.

According to the report of News18

  • In Bihar, the number went up from 64,585 in 2016-17 to 67,841 in 2017-2018
  • In Jammu and Kashmir, it rose from 57,200 in 2016-17 to 69,561 in 2017-18
  • Kerala showed a jump from 65,947 to 85,316
  • Rajasthan saw an increase from 13,909 to 16,276
  • Uttar Pradesh saw an increase from 1, 58,490 in 2016-17 to 1, 62,990 in 2017-2018

All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) report 4,48,517 women from other minority communities enrolled for higher education this year as compared to last year’s 4,28,866.