Voice against Violence
Voice against Violence

Greetings from Women’s Manifesto
Women, the half of the population have a pivotal role in development of society and nation. Unfortunately many of them are struggling to protect their dignity instead of engaging themselves for nation building. Nowadays condition of women is pathetic in every sector. They are physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused. According to WHO fact sheet record, 35 percent women facing physical and sexual assault worldwide (UN Women, report 2012). Crime against women increased rapidly in India over the past ten years. A total number of 327394 cases of crime against women were reported in the country during the year 2015 as compared to 11887 in the year 2005 (National Crime Records Bureau).
Violence against women is a serious violation of human rights. It affects the physical and mental well-being of women and prevents them from active participation in the society. Violence not only has negative consequences for the victim but also their families, the society and the country at large. Number of laws and policies are there to prevent violence and protect dignity of women. Laws and policies are foundation of comprehensive approach to end violence. It is the joint responsibility of government, civil society organizations and individuals to advocate for ending violence, increase awareness among public, build capacity of women to prevent and respond to violence
Raising awareness to end violence is about changing people’s heart and mind through systematic and continuous campaign. In this context Women’s Manifesto organises a campaign from October 2017 to March 2018 on “VOICE AGAINST VIOLENCE” to advocate for ending violence against women.
We request you to join in this campaign in the way you can. Your suggestion, guidance and contributions are highly appreciated.